oativa how to use or cut it

oativa, how to use or cut it

Oativa is packed and cooked in Pecta casings and double clipped. Unopened it has a shelf life of up to two weeks if stored between 3°C to 5°C. The shelf life of the product when you receive it will depend on its Use By date.

Once opened keep refrigerated below 5°C and use within 4 days. Cooking temperature must reach 75°C

It is suitable for home freezing, but must be frozen with at least two days left on its Use By date.

Freeze and store below -18°C and label the food with the Frozen On date and give it a new Use By date of no more than 2 months from freezing. Please note that failure to re-label the food means that the food must be used within its original Use By date. Defrost in a refrigerator for 24 hours and then use within 2 days

Oativa - the ultimate vegetarian & vegan ingredient

Oativa can be:

  • Cut into thick slices for grilling
  • Sliced round for burgers
  • Diced for casseroles, curries and stews
  • Shredded or thinly sliced for warm salad and stir fry
  • Lightly chopped in a robot coupe for mince
  • Turned into a paste for pasties, sausage rolls and scotch eggs
  • Oativa can be reformed into any shape and stuffed with many ingredients

Other uses are:

  • A base for Oativa soufflé
  • Topping for Oativa pizza
  • Oativa stuffing mix for ravioli
  • Mix Oativa with onions and parsley for stuffing vegetables
  • Shred Oativa mix for rough cut sandwich fillings
  • Oativa puree with chick peas and olive oil to make hummus